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Our Services

Our managed services are devised to take your business to the next level. Our marketing strategies help to grow business as we conduct comprehensive analysis of a business and its competitors.

Our Platforms

RMI is partnered with and has access to world's top platforms, which enables it to render service covering the full spectrum of the digital advertising. Our managed trade desk offers best enterprise programmatic advertising platforms at one place for unified execution of your digital advertising campaigns.It aggregate social, search, RTB & native platforms to streamline media planning, activation, media management & insights and exponential to rise your business.

Data Management Platforms

Being integrated with more then 50 best data management platforms (DMP), RMI target precise audience segments to amplify digital campaign performance result. Data has become digital currency which gives fuel and energy to media and creative.

Our Experience buyer team who have in-depth knowledge of complete digital media echo system ,team will drive result beyond your expectation using programmatic and technology.

  • Dedicated digital team having 20-years experience

  • Understanding of digital advertising echo system

  • Experienced trader, strategist, designer & data scientists

  • Digital Business transformation

  • Strategic partnership with leading ad technology vendors

  • Unique ad executions

  • Render consultancy & backend service to all agencies

  • Quick time to Goto Market

  • Unified Solution of media buying activation & insights all channels

  • Passion to achieve all KPI

Programmatic technology provide us an opportunity to explore new audience based on data points which match with your brand characteristics.

Scalable Services

We Offer 360 degree services from creative development, media buying, campaign executions, optimization, targeting, re-targeting and reporting.


We are transparent in all aspects such as services, delivery, cost and reporting.

Competitive Cost

Our cost are lowest in the industry while maintaining the quality of service at optimum level.

Quality Traffic Vendors

Integration with 5 world renowned brand safety and viewability vendors enables us to display ads in safe environment, ensure brand viewability, and target right context with high precision to control media wastage. We protect your brand from unnecessary risk & save your dollars.

Highly Efficient

With the knowledge of latest technology & years of working for various verticals, our expert deliver on time and meet deadlines.

Brand Safety

With the risk of fake news & unsavory content, its more important than ever to ensure your advertising appears alongside content that is right for your brand.

Pre-Bid Viewability

Many of the ad served on the web never appear on the screen nevertheless we ensure viewability -50% to -100% before actual biding.


Contextual has the power to create memorable & compelling ads, pulling in viewers by offering increase relevancy. The context of the ad links up with the content on the page and it get's into viewers head.

Targeting & Optimization

We are specialist for sales lead generation ads, sale conversion ads, opinion ads, social feed ads, rich media banners and interactive pre roll video ads to targeting context and right phase of custom journey using single tag.

Unlock The Potential