About Us

Rich Media Inc. is digital marketing company and is rendering digital advertising services for last two decades in the fields of digital media buying, Ad Serving, Creative banner production, Consultancy & Micro web development, Audience & Data management, Email marketing and Digital PR services.

It offers fully managed programmatic trading services globally to buy valuable audience across all digital platforms Facebook, Google, MediaMath, Appnexus, Zemanta Native DSP, Google DV 360 and more. It enhances your audience reach, explore new consumers using meaningful data sets and uplift your brand to next level with the help of AI of multiple DSPs.

Years of Experience

Our technology is integrated with more than 50 data management platforms (DMP) like Blue Kai, Lotame, Datalogix, Eyeota, etc. Data has become digital currency which gives fuel and energy to media and creative work together to amplify digital campaign performance results.

Our platform has five brand safety and viewability vendors which includes IAS, Double Verify, Moat, Peer39 and Grapeshot which enables you to display your ad in safe environment and ensure brand viewability and high level of precision targeting in the right context to control your media wastage.

We generate reports, conduct analysis and derive insights via MRC/IAB certified platforms such as Sizmek and Google campaign manager.

We have experienced team of traders, strategists, designers and data scientists, with in-depth knowledge of complete digital media echo system. The coordinated work of our team, using world’s best programmatic ad technologies, drives results beyond your expectation.

Our expertise coupled with programmatic technology provides our clients an opportunity to explore new audience based on data points which match with your brand characteristics. We monitor live campaign performances across all channels display, mobile, video, RTB, search, native and audio, and provide unified reporting to our clients.


We are specialist for sales lead generation ads, opinion ads, social feed ads, rich media banners and interactive pre roll video ads to target your audience at the right time, right location in the right context and right phase of customer journey using single tag.