Dynamic Re-targeting

We believe in helping your data, creative and media work together for optimal campaign perform across the entire customer journey.

Data Entertainment
Executive Optimization
Creative Optimization

Data Strategy

  • First Party Data Audience Profiling
  • 2nd party Data Pixel
  • 3rd party Data Audience Sets

Digital Creative Strategy

  • Data driven Ads
  • Direct response
  • Multi-Ad formats
  • Multi-lingual

Media Buying Strategy

  • Multiple demand partners
  • Multi-channel
  • Frequency control across channel

Targeting & Optimization strategy

  • Audience Segment Targeting
  • Profile Audience Targeting
  • Contextual, Brand-safety and Viewability
  • Auto Optimization

Brand Lift Research

  • Branded Study
  • Unbranded Study

Performance Measurements

  • Actionable analytics
  • Industry benchmark
  • Pakistan benchmark

By understanding your customer's specific browsing activity, we can develop dynamic ads automatically to show your potential customers the product relevant to their needs.

Custom template will be developed using various elements based on brands’ unique features, price discounts , location, weather, last recorded visit, etc.

Product feed on Facebook, Google & other Networks

Custom Data Feeds

Ecommerce Platform Integration

Product Catalogue Integration

Integration with leading ecommerce platforms

Display product within banner based on user last action performed within banner

You targeted a female

She has been browsing for frocks over the web

Your dynamic ad will display frocks from your catalog to match her requirement

Once she visits your webpage your dynamic ad will now be displayed based on the items’ she browsed