About Us

Official Partner of Sizmek by Amazon

Sizmek Ad Suite is a worldwide multichannel ad server with the purpose to create, distribute, customize, measure, and optimize campaigns across different screens. With the help of Sizmek Ad Suite we (Rich Media Inc.) as an official reseller in Pakistan will offer multiple options for creative authoring, streamlined campaign management tools, advanced dynamic creative optimization capabilities, and Media Rating Council-accredited measurement for our customers. Through Sizmek Ad Suite we will help you in creative control to engage audiences with relevant, impactful ads while centralizing cross-channel insights to aid in campaign optimization. Our services will include HTML 5 Banner Production, Digital Media Campaign Distribution, Digital Branding, Digital Campaign Data Ownership, Customer Journey and Helping our Customers.

Advertisers who tend to buy media through Amazon DSP will be able to reach and measure effectiveness of their campaigns across all audience types. We will help advertisers while using Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite with Actionable Campaign Analytics, Multi-channel Digital Ad Serving, Data Driven Dynamic Ads and Creative Tools.

Sell Globally on Amazon with Rich Media Inc.

If you are having an existing business or want to set up your business and sell on Amazon, we are 24/7 available to guide you and help your business to grow. We will help you to sell your own brand on Amazon, if you are a Brand Manufacturer and Trademark Owner, our services are ideal for you to establish your name in the international market. Our services are also for you to become an online seller at Amazon as an Online Trader. We incorporate everyone who is keen to do business and sell their product through Amazon whether you are new startups or an established brand, Rich Media Inc. provides you the best platform to reach the global market, which will give you sustainable business growth.

Official Partners of BIGO Ads (Likee & IMO)

BIGO Ads is an ads platform, providing mobile marketing solutions globally. Covering more than 150 countries, BIGO Ads integrates mobile marketing solutions into IMO, the video and audio calling app with global monthly active users (MAU) of 210 million, and Likee, a short video creation platform with global (MAU) of 115 million. With its strong user base and high-quality content, BIGO Ads enriches the user portrait system and provides marketing solutions for advertisers and partners in different scenarios.

BIGO Ads utilizes cutting-edge machine learning technology, powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms, comprehensive big data analysis, and processing capabilities to support branding and performance advertising solutions for advertisers. With various advertising formats, such as Banner, Native, Video and different cooperation models like Programmatic buying, Reserved branding Ads and Auction Bidding Ads, BIGO Ads provides a one-stop integrated marketing solutions for advertisers to reach the targeted audience, increase brand awareness and maximize return of investment (ROI).

Years of Experience

Sizmek is the largest independent buy-side advertising platform that creates impressions that inspire. In the digital world, creating impressions that inspire is vital to building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with your customers. Sizmek provides powerful, integrated solutions that enable data, creative, and media to work together for optimal campaign performance across the entire customer journey. Our AI-driven decisioning engine can identify robust insights within data across the five key dimensions of predictive marketing— campaigns, consumers, context, creative, and cost. We bring all the elements of our clients’ media plans together in one place to gain better understanding for more meaningful relationships, make every moment of interaction matter, and drive more value across the entire plan. Sizmek operates its platform in more than 70 countries, with local offices in many countries providing award-winning service throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, and connecting more than 20,000 advertisers and 3,600 agencies to audiences around the world.