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Amazon Boot Camp

Sell on Amazon from Pakistan Training Boot Camp

Amazon is a big market place and knowing about this market place and how to be successful in your business idea, it’s important to learn more in-depth about it. We at Rich Media Inc. will help you knowing everything you desire with our one-on-one lectures, boot camps, webinars, public seminars and courses. This will help you answer your questions and learn great amount of knowledge.

Get on board and start selling your products on Amazon the largest B2C and B2B platform. Being an official Reseller of Sizmek by Amazon, we can facilitate you to establish your online store at Amazon by providing you advanced level Amazon advertising solutions with added advantages at low cost more effectively.

Amazon now claims more than 50% of all US ecommerce sales. With the blend of B2B and B2C you can now target suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and direct consumers.

Our Amazon consultation solution services include

One Day Boot Camp

We will teach you:
  • Sell on Amazon Globally from Pakistan
  • Amazon Seller Account from Pakistan for Product Listing
  • Amazon Seller Account from Pakistan for Brand Store as a Trademark Owner
  • Amazon Seller Account from Pakistan as Online trader for FBA and FBM
  • Shipping to Amazon from Pakistan


Course Content

  • Company registration in USA, Europe, Middle East
  • Sales Tax ID
  • Bank Account in USA
  • Trademark registration in USA, Europe and Middle East
  • Amazon account opening facilitation
  • Amazon account consultation
  • Product Research for FBA wholesales
  • Product Sourcing for FBA wholesales
  • Product Private Labeling
  • Competitive research and analysis
  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Content Development
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Product photo editing
  • PPC marketing
  • Virtual assistant

We will also guide you about this in regards to Pakistan. Get onboard with Rich Media Inc. and let’s get started!

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