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Amazon Seller Account Management

No time to manage Amazon Account?

Don't worry! We will provide you a Virtual Assistant that will help you through the whole process and manage your account for you. For further details, please contact us.

Whether you’re just new in this business or are an experienced seller knowing about Amazon and its services can be complicated for you. We at Rich Media Inc. are ready to help you. If you want your account to be managed, or you want to create an account on amazon, we are always at your service.

Our experience team will help your businesses to grow and make money in Amazon. We will help and guide you with our expertise and strategies to promote your business in order to make it profitable and sustainable.

Our services will include

Setting up Amazon Store
Product hunting and sourcing
Product listing Management
Amazon Advertising & Promotions
Supply chain management
Account maintenance

Once you give your Amazon account management to experience team of Rich Media Inc. it will take all the complexities and troubles from you and will be dealt professionally by our team. We will create customized strategy to help your business grow, make profit and be sustainable.

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