Google Ads Creative Certification

Google Ads Creative Certification

Course Duration: 8 Weeks | Starting Date: June 16, 2023

By earning the Google Ads Creative Certification, Google recognizes your ability to:

Make effective ad creative for Video, Display, App, and Search campaigns based on Google's research-backed guidance.

Use Google's tools and resources throughout the creative life cycle.

Boost creative performance with experimentation.


  • Create Effective Video Ads for Campaigns
  • Create Effective ads for Display Campaigns
  • Create Effective ads for Apps Campaigns
  • Create Effective ads for Search Campaigns

Who Should Attend This Course?

If you are:
  • New ecommerce business
  • Entrepreneur
  • Exporters / Manufacturers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Individuals / Students

How Do I Join?

Simply fill out the registration form below and we will send you an email to guide.
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