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We are specialist to execute integrated performance campaign across digital channels to achieve sales growth. Our approach is to analyze advertiser historical sales data, current brand health, brand positioning and campaign objectives. Our digital crew makes strategic digital media plan and creative strategy according to the findings to win the hearts and minds of customer.

Our crew is expert to use the best Demand Side Platforms which suit to campaign objectives to achieve higher sales conversions and apply Facebook catalog ads, Google smart shopping ads, Amazon DCO ads in programmatic landscape, paid search dynamic ads, video shopping ads, native dco ads, E-commerce DSP and email marketing. Our planners identify the right target audience group according to the product category, season and buying trend on the basis of geo location and deliver the most relevant ad to user to increase the conversion ratio.

First Party Audience Data Classification

Our approach is once the advertiser gets onboard, we define the first party audience segments and make meaningful targeting rules in each demand side platform and DMPs to trigger the right ad according to the past visitation of user behavior on advertiser website.

Data is Digital Currency

Data has become digital currency which gives the fuel and energy to media and creative to inspire the audience by apply first party data, 2nd party and 3rd party data points to deliver the right ad to the right audience at the right time.

Why Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is an upper funnel activity to reach the receptive audience at scale and build the brand awareness. Thus, pushing the customers towards consideration set followed by conversion.

Our team is expert to make ad copies to motivate the customers on each step of purchase funnel to move them to next step to complete the purchase.

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First visit the advertiser website then publisher You will see the ad content according to your past visitation.

Real Time Reporting

We give dashboard access to our clients to measure the campaign performance results in real time across media buying.

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