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How we can help advertisers while using Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite?

Advertisers who tend to buy media through Amazon DSP will be able to reach and measure effectiveness of their campaigns across all audience types.

Actionable Campaign Analytics

You will be able to easily monitor delivery and campaign performance with flexible, customized reporting for your clients. Also you can gain insights for a full-funnel approach to advertising, looking at the impact of your advertising on both brand and performance, it will also help you in understanding the consumer journey using path-to-conversion reports or self-service raw data feeds. We provide certified data by MRC and IAB.

Multichannel Digital Ad Serving

Sizmek Ad Suite is a place for creating, managing, and serving display and video campaigns across different platforms such as desktop, mobile, OTT and Smart TV. With Sizmek Ad Suite we will help you in measuring conversions and on-site engagement, as well as configuring third-party pixels which can be managed directly.

Data Driven Dynamic Ads

According to user purchase journey we will enable advertisers to combine their creative assets with their own first-party data to create thousands of customized ads across all possible channels to deliver the most relevant message.It is ideal for Ecommerce business, real estate markete place, Universities, Auto Industry, Banking Sector, Travel etc

Creative Tools and Services

We as Rich Media provide advertisers the ability to create ads directly in Sizmek Ad Suite with impactful ads, richmedia ads, interactive ads, dynamic and in-stream video ads, data capture ads, gamming banners, social ads, survey banners or in any development environment of your choice.

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