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RMI Programmatic Trade Desk

Programmatic is wedding of two words: program and automatic. Programmatic means using programs or software to automate the ad management, buying and measurement process using data signals in ad exchanges echo system. RMI partners with multiple demand side platforms like DV360, Xandr, Media Math, Verizon Media DSP and many more to enable advertisers and agencies to reach audiences programmatically across digital screens, desktop, mobile, OTT, OOH. Our talented team of programmatic advertising traders has high level of skills set to drive both ROAS, uplift brand recalls and brand engagement campaigns.

Rich Media Inc. and its team of professionals have the ability to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time and to exemplify the true promise of programmatic. Programmatic advertising is delivered on an individual level unlike traditional forms of advertising. It will help to find and target users based on individual characteristics, behaviors and affinities no matter where they are on the Web.

RMI Programmatic Trade Desk

Why choose RMI for Programmatic Advertising?

RMI Programmatic TradeDesk assures you to drive more than 5 to 10 times ROAS using E-Commerce Performance Panorama Bouquet. Unify digital marketing and advertising efforts and insights across programmatic display, social, search, video, native, to find most receptive audience, which are likely to be converted.

12 Reasons Why You Cannot Ignore Us:

  • Certified and experience professional team handle the digital campaign strategy and execution and do the regular campaign optimization towards end goal
  • Apply audience data, media, creative and AI to work together to drive optimal results
  • Access of all leading DSPs, DMPs and you don’t need to buy any licenses and sign ad spend contracts with individual DSPs.
  • Conversion setup and tracking across all digital channels
  • Creative strategy & creative development of display, video, shopping ads, catalog ads, search response, expanded search ads, native ads, video shopping ads, etc.
  • Right selection of multiple ad formats according to campaign goal.
  • Use certified third party Ad Server to have top level control of media plan to manage all demand side platforms and trigger ads according to the customer purchase journey phase.
  • Make specific dynamic ads template for product category, product level, cart abandoners, convertors to motivate the users on each step.
  • Flexible billing models – Fixed monthly fee, percentage on media spend, or percentage on gross sales revenue for performance campaign.
  • No Minimum Ad Spend Level
  • Cost Effective digital media services for all disciplines
  • Centralized dashboard for campaign monitoring

Programmatic Dynamic Retargeting Ads

We are experts in Programmatic Advertising to make DCO Ads templates to deliver specific ads in the right phase of customer purchase Journey across all DSPs. Our experts at RMI are highly professional individuals who work closely at every step to ensure best possible results. Programmatic Ads are ideal for retail business, airlines, college and universities. We will use Dynamic ad/data-driven ads or personalized ads that are based on user interest and behavior. Customer journey chart below describes five different steps in sequence.

Customer Purchase Journey

Check Our Live Demo

Get a hands-on experience with our attested advertiser (an online mobile phone store) in a live demo. is the publisher. Experience the live demo in a few simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on a mobile brand category or any mobile product page or simply add an item to the cart.
  • Close the website
  • Then open the website, low and behold an ad conforming to your last action will perform on the advertiser website.

Programmatic Advertising Benefits

Get Valuable Audience Using Data Signals

Rich Media Inc. programmatic trader team selects the most relevant data segments from multiple data management platforms and make small composite audiences sets to filter the right audience for your brand which is more likely to be converted. We also make combination of first party data , 2nd party and third party data to achieve optimal campaign performance results. All the leading data management platforms are pre-integrated with RMI programmatic trade desk which includes Blue Kai, Lotame, Datalogix, Neustar, Acxiom,Comscore, Exelate, Eyeota, LiveRamp, and many more. Base on the data signals the ad technology will buy the audience and deliver the most relevant ad to specific user using artificial intelligence. Our team is very expert to make personalized ads to inspire audience using data points. Our data cost is very low as compare to other vendors.

Data Journey

Programmatic Targeting & Capabilities

Greater Reach

To increase chances of digital success RMI won’t restrict your marketing initiatives to just search and social. We will expand your media mix with channels of programmatic which includes native, video, display and CTV. This holistic approach will get better reach and achieve maximum results from your target audience and customer journey. Each channel has its own importance and benefits but we will help you and manage it with the combination of using each channel together. Ad Exchanges provide greater reach and we will help you achieving that due to our agile media management with access to vast inventory which is twice of Google Ads. We have access to over 50+ Ad Exchanges such as Google Ad Exchange, Verizon Media, Magnetic, Microsoft Advertising, GAAMA, Media net, and Freewheel etc.

Greater Reach

Multi Screens

User has multiple touch points in daily life. User sees ad on desktop, mobile, connected tv, gaming consoles, wrist watches, and out of home billboards. We have the ability to deliver ads on all devices or on specific device according to the campaign objectives. Furthermore, we have studied many users use more than one device before they get converted. Our system will track cross device post view and post click conversions analysis for better understanding of conversion path analysis

Multi Screens

Creative Innovative

The idea of programmatic creative is to harness the data and activate it to create a more successful execution. It will help in grabbing attention and increases campaign results. With the help of programmatic creative we will overcome the production and management challenges in producing a large volume of ads. Rather than just showing a generalized creative, these new technologies allow the experience to be specifically customized to the viewer. Programmatic creative also has the ability to help keeping ad creative fresh to the viewer through rotations, sequencing, or just by enabling the advertiser to update messaging in real-time. Programmatic creative also has the ability to help keeping ad creative fresh to the viewer through rotations, sequencing, or just by enabling the advertiser to update messaging in real-time. We have a team of experts in Interactive & Video creative development which will manage Dynamic and creative ads. In open web, when we use Google Display Network it limits us the file size and does not allow us to make interactive more colorful, meaningful and we can’t use third party API to deliver customize messages using data points.

Creative Innovative
Social Ads
Scratch Ads
Gaming Ads
Data Capture Ads
Polite Video Ads
Dynamic Ads
Polling Ads
Drop & Drag Ads
Flip Book
360 Degree Ads
Swirl Ads
Parallax Ads
Expandable Ads
API Driven Ads
Survey Ads
HTML5 Standard Ads

Cookieless Retargeting

Ability to re-engage the users based on click or impression without deployment any pixel on advertiser website. Financial institutions generally avoid to deploy any pixel due to security risk. This is the best solution for them to retarget their past users who have click the ad or expose to an ad.

Brand Safety

Our brand's safety is our prime priority. Therefore we deliver only quality. Our integration with 5 world renowned brand safety and viewability vendors enables us to display ads in safe environment, ensure brand viewability, and target right context with high precision to control media wastage. Abandon the risk of fake news & unsavory content, we ensure to help the placement of your advertising alongside the right content.

Brand Safety

Programmatic Media Buying Options

We are offering 4 media buying options to our clients to enable them to achieve desired goals. The most commonly option is used Open auction which is also known as public auction or RTB for greater reach and performance campaigns. Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed Deals are generally used for branding or visibility purposes.

Programmatic Media Buying Options

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